Help us secure the future of our free market economy. Whether it is enrolling in a class, teaching students, funding an education, or simply connecting with us, you are creating a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Hope Elizabeth Foundation is currently working with businesses and entrepreneurs to provide consulting, general business education, support, and direction. On our path to establishing a school, we are providing curriculum and more for the current and next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Many people live and breathe the free market like a fish which does not know it is in water. See how we are giving future business owners vital free market education.

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Classes and hands-on learning experiences that will change the way students see and take advantage of the free market economy they live in.

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Investing time teaching our material carries the potential to produce lifelong and life-changing dividends for young and old students who want to make their ideas a reality.

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If our passion is your passion, join our end goal of founding a school. Partner with us to raise funds or connect with us to ensure a free market educational institution becomes a reality.

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